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Values 20 (V20) 2022 at G20 Indonesia

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Values20 or abbreviated as V20 is a global community of values experts and practitioners that seeks to actively engage with the Group of Twenty (G20) as well as wants to add depth to the understanding of values in public policy with the goal of providing the G20 with evidence-based, human-centered policy solutions that contribute to overcoming global challenges. V20 launched in 2020, focusing on the 'Value of Values' and continued our journey in 2021, focusing on 'Values in Action'. Our global community has produced, and will continue to do so, high impact policies and recommendations that were presented to the G20 Heads of State for their consideration and activation. CEO of Daya Dimensi Indonesia, Yuri Yogaswara, and Meike Malaon, Director at DayaLima Abisatya, are the Co-Chairs of V20 2022 following Nenilai appointment as this year's Organizing Comittee. Learn more at

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